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What is Arlobit Limited?
Arlobit Limited team of professionals has put a lot of effort into creating a successful and competitive company showing steadily growing financial performance, and just attracting additional investments will allow us to thoroughly strengthen our position in the market.
Is this platform allow multiple account on same wi-fi network?
No, you can not have several accounts from one IP address. For violation you may be banned.
What are the interest rate?
The interest rate is forever increase every 24 hours +0.1% and +0.5% for every +$10000 total deposits up to 7%.
Is there any referral program?
Yes, we have an affiliate program that offers commissions up to 4 referral lines. Read more about affiliate program on the page partners page
How long is the investment duration?
All deposits on Arlobit work forever. Deposit income accruals are processed hourly.
Can I re-invest my profit into my deposit?
It is possible to re-invest from your account balance, if your account balance has enough funds. You will be able to choose your payment mode in the deposit creation page.
Can I withdraw my principal deposit?
Yes, you can withdraw your principal deposit, but after 164 hours after deposit creating or reinvesting in the same payment system.
How much is minimum withdrawal?
For Perfect money and Payeer minimum withdrawal amount is $0.1. For Bitcoin, minimum withdrawal amount is 0.001 BTC
How long it takes to process my withdrawal request?
All deposits income are withdrawn instantly. Principal deposit is withdrawn manually within 48 hours.
Are there any withdrawal fees?
No, you are completely free of any withdrawal fees or charges.
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