Basic provisions

1.1 Every adult user wishing to take part in this project has the right to register and become an investor in the Company.

1.2 Failure to comply with one or more of the project rules may lead to the blocking of the account and funds on the balance of the Investor's account, therefore, before registering, a potential Investor must be fully confident in his ability to comply with all the prescribed provisions.

1.3 Immediately after successful registration, the user is given access to the services of the site, and the status of an Investor is assigned.

1.4 The company's activities are carried out in the legislative field of the jurisdiction of Great Britain, where it is registered and has its central office. Registration documentation and other legal information are available to the Investor for review on the official website of the Company.

1.5 The company is the responsible party for non-disclosure of the Investor's personal information to third parties.

The scope of duties and rights of the client

2.1 During the registration process, the Investor undertakes to provide only reliable personal information.

2.2 The client automatically agrees to the processing of the information prescribed by him during the registration process within the framework of the current legislation.

2.3 The investor has the right to register only one account for investment activities. In the event of multiple registrations, the Company is authorized to block all of the offender's accounts. In addition, all funds on their balance will be frozen.

2.4 Registration of accounts using your own affiliate links is prohibited and is an abuse of the terms of the Company's affiliate program. Identification of a violation of this paragraph leads to the blocking of all accounts and funds on the offender's accounts.

2.5 Each service provided to the Investor for investment purposes should be used exclusively for its direct intended purpose. If any malicious actions of the Investor in relation to the Company's website are detected, the user's account is blocked, and the funds on the deposit are irretrievably frozen.

2.6 All financial transactions initiated by the Investor are included in the area of his personal responsibility. If you have any financial questions, it is recommended to seek advice from the Company's customer support service.

2.7 The investor is obliged to comply with the tax laws of the country in which he carries out his investment activities.

2.8 Investment activities carried out by the Investor must not go beyond the norms of international law, which does not allow the execution of financial transactions using illegally obtained funds.

Terms of reference and guarantees of the Company

3.1 The Company guarantees the timely transfer of dividends to the Investors' accounts, the amount of which is determined in advance by the terms of the investment plan. The Company also guarantees that payments are made in full compliance with the regulations of its activities.

3.2 The Company undertakes to distribute funds received from Investors only in the areas of its direct activities in the industry cryptocurrency trading.

3.3 In case of incorrect transactions on the part of the Investor, the Company does not undertake the obligation to compensate for the lost funds.

3.4 Each completed financial transaction cannot be canceled or refunded.

3.5 Tech nical problems of any nature that arise in the operation of payment systems and are not related to the services and the website of the Company are not included in the area of responsibility of the Company.

3.6 The company guarantees complete confidentiality of the personal information provided by the Investor.

3.7 The company owns the copyright for the site and all its contents.


4.1 The Company has the right to suspend cooperation with the Client for an indefinite period in the event of emergencies falling within the definition of force majeure.

Termination of the cooperation agreement

5.1 Each of the parties has the right to initiate the completion of cooperation.

5.2 The unilateral termination of cooperation initiated by the company is legal and does not violate the rules in the event that the Investor detects fraudulent actions or violates paragraph (s) of this set of rules.

Disputes and changes in the rules

6.1 If conflict situations arise between the Company and the Investor, their resolution is allowed in two ways:
a) within the framework of the negotiation process;
b) within the framework of the current legislation.

6.2 The rules posted in this section can be revised by the Company, changed or supplemented, without the obligatory notification of Investors, users and site visitors.

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